Friday, July 19, 2013

Coolest Coffee Shops in the World...Part 1

Tree Coffee in Naha Harbour, JAPAN

It’s placed 20 feet  above ground in a tree…  not a real tree. It had a built-in elevator and a spiral stair-case, which ever you prefer, and once you get there, you can enjoy a lovely ocean view…

Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad India

Judging by the photo -nothing special..but...when you get there, everything is free.  It’s all based on the concept of love and inter-human solidarity. They cook and serve with love and the peron pays however much he considers it’s worth.

Wash&Coffee, Munich, Germany

Wash your laundry and enjoy a cup of coffee in front of the tv… 

Back to the Future, Coffee Shop, Chicago


 Go to Chicago and visit this weird coffee shop that pays tribute to th emovie with the same name.

Vampire Cafe, Tokyo

Raw ingredients ...
try Bloody Mary, Blood Clot or Blood Orange cocktails at Vampire Café.

Indy Coffee House, Hong Kong

It’s all about coffee art. The bar tender makes extremely beautiful coffee designs which you can see in the video below:

Christon Cafe, Japan

Not everyone will like this one... The owner of Christon merely spent the last decade buying ancient church paraphernalia in South America and hauling it all back to a cavernous dining hall in Tokyo's red-light district. Gargoyles, huge oil paintings and even huger chandeliers loom over an altar featuring a gaggle of Virgin Mary statues framing a glowing, crucified Christ, backlit in ever-changing, multicoloured neon. Plus the drinks come with crucifix stir-sticks.

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