Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hungary Dos:

  • Do look for the pink color-coded mineral water bottle if you prefer still water, the blue for fizzy and the green for in between the two.
  • Do leave a drinking glass half full if you are done drinking.
  • Do leave a little bit of food on your plate if you're still full. An empty plate means that you want more.
  • Do cross your knife and fork on your plate if you are still eating.
  • Do put your fork and knife along the right side of the plate when full.
  • Do give the first toast if you are the guest of honor. You should salute the health of everyone there.
  • Do open a gift immediately upon receipt.
  • Do expect to be asked to take your shoes off.
  • Do bring chocolate or flowers for your hosts.
  • Do give flowers in odd numbers but not 13. That's unlucky.
  • Do shake hands upon meeting someone.( Men should wait for a woman to offer a handshake first.)
  • Do kiss close friends on both cheeks, starting with the left.

Hungary Donts: 

  • Do not begin eating until after the host starts.
  • Do not put your elbows on the table, but don't put your hands in your lap.
  • Do  not use the taxis at the airport- unless you have previously bargained for your fare You can use trains or local public buses instead. Also after midnight you may want to use all-night buses instead of taking cabs.
  • Do not drop an extra red pepper into your fish soup-unless you are used to real hot spices. 

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