Friday, July 12, 2013

Margaret Fountaine

What you should know about Margaret Fountaine:

  • born in Norfolk, England in 1862.
  • she became one of "new women" of the eighties and ninetieths: a liberated middle class-female who could live away from home, even if unmarried,and pursue of carrier. 
  • she traveled on a bicycle: 1897 -France, 1898 - Italy.
  • she traveled to numerous countries on her own, meeting companions here and there but primarily was brave and independent enough to navigate railway systems, boat schedules and bike paths by herself. She even took to traveling by plane after her very first flight at age 69!

  • she recorded the life cycle of 8 butterflies until then unknown to science, but was not recognized for it because she was too busy in the field to go network with society.
  • she still left a collection of 22,000 butterfly specimens to the Norwich Castle Museum and four sketch books of butterfly life-cycles to the Natural History Museum in London.
  • her words: "I love to be a woman and feel that power which a man can never posses...the power to reject".


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