Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly - was born as Elizabeth Jane Cochran on May 5, 1864 in Cochran's Mills, Pennsylvania. She is considered by many to be the pioneer of investigative journalism. She wrote for several newspapers on many controversial issues usually surrounding the plight of the poor, immigrants and women in America.

Her most famous story would begin in 1889. She proposed to travel around the world faster than Jules Verne's character Phileas Fogg in Around The World In Eighty Days. Editors at The World were wary of the idea (women didn't travel without escorts, they carried too much baggage etc).

 Her journey took her from England to Egypt, Ceylon, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan before heading back to the United States. During a stop in France, Nellie got to meet Jules Verne himself, who encouraged her to break his own - fictional - record! 
On January 25, 1890, Nellie Bly arrived back at her starting point; seventy-two days, six hours, eleven minutes and fourteen seconds after her departure. 


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