Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dos and Donts Tanzania

Tanzania Donts:

  • do not kiss, hold hands, hug in the street; public displays of affection are disapproved;
  • do not ask your tanzanian guests if they want to drink something. They will say no. You just have to offer what you have and say 'karibu';
  • do not be disrespectful;
  • do not stay with people from the same country as you. Mix a bit;
  • do not prop your feet up on tables or chairs, as having the bottom of your shoe pointing toward a person is considered rude;
  • do not get out of the vehicle when in any of the National Parks   There are certain designated areas where guests are allowed to walk.  Ask your driver-guide;
  • do not feed any animals in the Parks.

Tanzania Dos:

  • do take your shoes off before entering a house;
  • do use only the right hand for eating and hand shakes;
  • do ALWAYS ask about the health of the person his family and home before launching into the request or conversation;
  • do use ( swahili words like 'NAOMBA' even if you are buying... Naomba is like saying 'I PRAY'; Also remember to learn basic swahili words like Jambo- Hello, Asante sana- Thank you, Shikamoo- greeting when you are addressing someone older than you;
  • do say Shikamoo to older people to show respect. It comes from slavery times when slaves use to bend down to he knees of their master. Today it is use to great with 'respect';  Karibu if you eat in the presence of someone (that you know), even if he has a plate in  front of him. Country of sharing; 'dada= sister' or 'kaka=brother' but not 'waiter';  naomba before asking for anything; say 'pole' = sorry a lot wink I think this is one of the most said word in here;
  • do wear long dresses or skirts (mid calf or ankle length); tight cloths, shorts, etc are considered inappropriate everywhere except at the beach.   Going topless or nude at the beach is strictly prohibited;
  • do have plenty of bottled water to avoid dehydrating. As well always make sure you carry sunglasses and sunscreen with you;
  • do protect yourself well against malaria;
  • do avoid in the urban centres he people who approach you and make you offers on rolex watches, jewellery etc just smile and walk away;
  • do always ask for permission before taking a picture of people or private houses;

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