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Interview (12) - let me introduce you to Julia

Who am I?
 I'm a little girl with a big smile. I'm the lover of my own life. I'm passionate
about people. I'm Julia - a Polish girl who moved to Australia. Why? It's a long
and very romantic story… So lets talk about travel, I saw a lot of Europe, I used
to walk on my own path and then I traveled by myself around the world. That
was the best thing I've ever done! I studied Psychology and worked for years as
a TV producer. Now I am a blogger, journalist and traveler. I'm writing about
life, travels and motivation at See you there!

What was your inspiration or the event / idea that made you want to travel ?
I had never dreamed about traveling . It somehow came. It came at the right moment.
Everything that happened around me, all the people who I met, situations and experiences,
all the things meant that I realized that my life escapes me a bit. So I decided to catch it up.

What was your first travel experience ?
The first travel experience ? First first? A road trip from Poland to France with my parents.
I was about 7 years old. The first of my very independent travel experience? English course
in the UK and then a weekend in Budapest. Just me and Budapest. That's how I discovered
that traveling alone is super cool .

Have you ever felt lonely traveling solo ?
Yep. But that feeling is needed. When you feel lonely you have the opportunity to reflect, you
can think about yourself in the quiet and travel deeply into yourself. There would be no
chance for that in a different situation.

What was your best travel experience ?
6 months solo round the world trip. That's the best I could do for myself .

Is there anything you would have done differently / any regrets , if you could
do it over again?
No, because I believe that nothing happens without a reason, that everything is for
something. If it did not happen, I would not be who I am and I would not be where I am.
Each of my trips was just as it should be. There is no need to wonder, what would happen if.
This was how it was. Now it's time to think about what it is now.

What was your worst travel experience ?
I think 40 degree fever in Malaysia. When you are sick and you do not know why you are
sick and you've never ever before been so sick, and you have no family and friends around,
no mummy who cuddles - then you want to go home.

Where will you never return it ?
Fortunately we forget very fast about bad experiences. I would go everywhere I was, again.
But there are still so many places to see…

What advice would you give women traveling solo to your home country ?
If you want to find a husband in Poland - don't go there. There are more women than men.
Competition is big! I'm kidding :) First of all - go to Poland. Poland is a beautiful country. We
have wonderful nature, beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains and beautiful lakes. We have
a beautiful Krakow and a cool Warsaw. We have a lot of stories to tell and lots of places to
discover. Another important thing is - it's not always cold in Poland and there are no white
bears on the streets ;) Summer can be really hot and polish spring is fabulous. Everything
flourishes, everything is green, people are finally smiling after winter. Poland is also not just
vodka and stew. We have great chefs and great restaurants. Polish cuisine is experiencing a
renaissance now.

What are your future travel plans ?
First of all, the plan is to travel. Now I live in Australia, so I want to know everything about
Australia. I've always dreamed of Canada because I love that kind of nature. I want to go to
South America because I felt so good there. Maybe Siberian railway from Moscow to Beijing
someday? And Japan. And the wilderness of Africa. And I really want to make few more
trips around the world because it's cool :) Traveling is addictive.

What are your top three tips for women traveling solo ?
1. Be a woman and feel good with yourself. I don't mean that you should wear make up even
in the middle of the jungle, or a super mini dress to walk in the middle of night in the
city. Just don't forget to be a women. Carry a mascara, color your hair if you have to
and have at least one dress in your backpack. It's all about feeling good. As you feel
good about yourself you are more confident. As you are more confident you meet
more people and you are safer. Traveling is better when you feel confident.
2. Let it go. Sometimes there are things that you really would like to do but it might be
better to let it go. There are places where you shouldn't go alone and things you
shouldn't do by yourself. Especially when your are a woman. I know that the risk
could be fun, but sometimes it's better not to take the risk. Why? Cause it's better to
return home in one piece.
3. Try it and travel alone. The world is not as dangerous, as they say.

What would you tell women who are looking to travel alone but worry about
their safety ?
If only you are reasonable, you have nothing to worry about. And in some places in the world
you just need to be more reasonable.

Tell us about the best food you have ever eaten on your travels ?
Italian cuisine and Italian wine are the best. Still. Those tastes could not be copied. But I'll
never forget the raw shrimps I ate in Thailand… Never.

What is the most breathtaking view you have ever witnessed on your travels
I'm always delighted when I see something for the first time. I'm a bit like a little girl and
everything new makes me happy. View of the greenest of the green tea plantations in
Cameron Highlands in Malaysia was unusual . View of the bay in Kaikoura in New
Zealand was breathtaking. Machu Picchu was magical.

What do you miss about your home when you go traveling ?
My own bed and pillow. It's good to feel good when you are sleeping. It's good to have your
own space.

What item will you always carry in your backpack ?
Pictures of my friends and loved ones. Sometimes it is enough to look at them and then you
immediately feel better.

Who was the kindest or most generous person you met on your travels , and
what did they do ?
During my round the world trip I had become convinced that there are people that you
should meet and places you could see. Because travels should not be counted in the
number of kilometers or in number of countries but in number of friendships you
have from your travels. You meet the best people while traveling. I met a lot of these
"best" people.

What have you learned from traveling ?
Travel is a lesson of life. I've learned a lot about myself and I know that I am a better person
after those travels. But I've learned a lot about other cultures, about people and about
countries as well. I've learned about things you wouldn't find in a book or things that
you wouldn't learn in a geography lesson. But if I had to name one, the most
important thing I have learned from traveling, it would be probably not to judge
anyone. For nothing. Think about yourself at first and judge yourself, not others.

Who inspires you? What other travelers do you look up to ?

People inspire me. Not just travelers. All of them. I am inspired by friends and by strangers. I am inspired by the wise men. My loneliness inspires me too. I don't read a lot of blogs before I travel. I like when the world and reality surprise me. I do not like to adjust something, plan to walk on someone's paths. I prefer to carve my own. After that I start to read others blogs - to know places better, to learn from them. Martyna Wojciechowska (the most famous Polish traveler) inspires me. Bloggers inspire me as well and not only travel bloggers. I look up to: about Latin America, about China, about restaurants in Warsaw,,,, and many many more…

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