Thursday, April 17, 2014

My inspirations - age doesn't matter

Whining about being too old to do something...seriously get yourself together :) sit down comfortable and read about some amazing women. They are living proof if they can you can too.... 

This time it won't be about travelling but about motivation to make changes in our life... and to convince you it's never too late for that :)

Three women - dancer, swimmer and DJ ... let me know if you know any other names I can mention next time.

1) 80-year-old Paddy and her partner Nico to blow their socks when they danced salsa ... spectacular! I'm much younger and I can't move like this woman.  Her story is so touching... 

2) Long-Distance Swimmer Diana Nyad. On her fifth attempt, a 64-year-old completes the first swim between the U.S. and Cuba without a shark cage.  Can you imagine swimming for 53 hours nonstop? 

3) Meet Ruth Flowers, aka DJ Mamy Rock, the 69-year-old grandmother taking the European club circuit by storm.  British DJ certainly knows how to party :) 

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