Thursday, July 11, 2013

Women travelers: Osa Johnson

Who was she?

Osa Johnson (1894-1953) American explorer, filmmaker, and writer who, with her husband, made a highly popular series of films featuring mostly African and South Sea tribal groups and wildlife.

I discovered this lady- searching for old travel photos... I found this one. I can't imagine modern woman to saddle up zebra as pictured below.

Doesn't she look stunning and graceful?

As she said-she married adventure (it's the title of her book as well). Looking for information about her, there is always mentioned her husband Martin. Together they documented the lives of the indigenous people and wildlife of the South Seas Islands, Borneo, and East and Central Africa. Together, from 1917 to 1937, Martin and Osa made eight feature movies, published nine books, and shot thousands of still photographs.  In addition to their expeditions, they traveled thousands of miles presenting lectures and showing their films. 

About his wife, Martin said, “she had all the qualities that go to make an ideal traveling companion for an explorer – pluck, endurance, cheerfulness under discomfort.”  

In 1927, The Scientific American said, “The animal films and ‘stills’ by Mr. Martin Johnson have never been surpassed. It would hardly be fair not to mention Mrs. Martin Johnson in the same paragraph, for she handles a gun as fearlessly, and a camera almost as skillfully as her husband.” 


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