Thursday, July 11, 2013

Women travelers: Rosita Forbes

Few facts about Rosita Forbes:

  • Rosita Forbes was born in 1893 and later married a soldier with whom she travelled to India, China, Australia and South Africa. 
  • During the first world war she worked as an ambulance driver and received two medals for her war services from the French government.
  • She was a genuine traveller: she lived and mixed with the locals, frequenting bazaars and making friends with the Arabs, Afghans, Indians, Tadjiks, Usbegs and Kazaks.
  • Forbes travelled to Morocco and then went to Abyssinia where she made a travel film entitled From Red Sea to Blue Nile.
  • She visited Persia and in 1930 travelled through Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Transjordania. Her other travels took her to South America, Russia and from Kenya to the Gold Coast.
  • Rosita Forbes was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society.
  • She died in 1967.

"There is a charm of map. It represent the other side of the horizon where everything is possible. (...) The perfect journey is never finished, the goal is always just across the next river, round the shoulder of the next mountain. There is always one more path to follow, one more mirage to explore."
Rosita Forbes, "From Red Sea to the Blue Nile" (1925)

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