Saturday, May 31, 2014

Photography - Cath Sobolewski

I'm Cath (29) - I travelled to Vietnam with only a few weeks notice, after deciding that if I wait for 

the right timing for someone to come with me, I could be waiting for ever . Carpe Diem! 

Vietnam is beautiful and each place offers something unique from Ho Chi Min City to Ha'long

Bay to Hanoi to Na Trang .... et al ...

Due to the fact I didn't know how safe Vietnam was I did join into some group trips to travel 

safely in numbers.... however I spent a lot of time alone and this felt invigorating and helped me

to enjoy spending time with me myself and I! 

I learned how to feel comfortable eating alone, walking alone and being alone with my 

thoughts, whilst experiencing the beauty and culture of the country and people and having only 

myself to reflect with and appreciate the moment. 

The only way to keep the true details of my memories was to keep a journal ... I've yet to read it 

back however I know my thoughts and experiences everyday on my trip are kept safe on paper 

for when I choose to re-visit the memories  

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