Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gadgets for travellers (?)

Are you looking for a gift for your fellow traveller? You need something that makes your life easier (not sure if it is right word :)) while you are staying in hostel... or just love gadgets. 

Sometimes I am wondering is it genius or just madness. 

1) Anti-Theft Lunch Bag are zipper bags that have green splotches printed on both sides, making your freshly prepared lunch look spoiled.

2) Korean designer Been Kim created a portable toaster that you run over your bread like a knife. It is wireless and uses a cord-free charging system.

3) SwissArmyFlash 2 GB (I could buy this one) This multi-function Swiss Army knife is a perfect combination of "old-fashioned" devices such as blade scissors, nail file with screwdriver as well as such e-tools as a emovable USB flash drive, or LED mini white light, with up to 18,000 mcd, which gives extremely bright light. 

4) Stash sandals flip flops include pockets in footwear soles; perfect for times when you are wearing little or no apparel at beach, spa, or in town.

5) Leather wrist wallet

6) Pillowig It’s a travel pillow and wig all rolled up into one. I have to tell you one thing  - 

you have to be pretty gutsy to wear one of these items around town, or on a plane or long-

distance train.

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