Monday, August 18, 2014

Money for your travels...

How do you fund your travels?'s not easy. Let's face it :) When you read all interviews, the answer is the same: I work, I save...

Me? The same I don't have much... I don't go out too often, don't buy too many things. It is my choice. I don't complain and I know it's worth it.

Sometimes it's not enough. But: where is the will, there is the way. 
If you have some idea, plan and you have enough strength and motivation to carry away others Trevolta is right for you.

What is Trevolta

Website: helps travelers crowd fund their global adventures. All you need to do is to plan an extraordinary trip to the places that you’ve always wanted to go, and Trevolta will provide the platform for you to get the needed funding from people from all around the world who are inspired by your proposed travel idea.
You wonder: “Why would strangers sponsor me for my trip?”

In Belgium I met a guy that was my CS host. He told me: "I don't like travelling. But helping, hosting people - it's like window to the world...and I feel like traveller. "
Through Trevolta, your trip will be shared and followed by hundreds and thousands of people online, that like my friend want to just help and be a part of your journey.
Just be open, be bold, and be creative.

Trevolta is available to travellers from every country in the world.

I'm thinking to prepare plan of my travel around the world. I dream about possibility to visit women in every corner of the world to write about  them, their everyday life, culture and point of view... 

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